Wireless Headphone Transmitter Receiver Circuit

Wireless headphone transmitter receiver now widely available in the market with a variety of pricing options with a reliable technical specification for a variety of allocations which include wireless headphones for tv or tv headphones, cellphones, wireless earbuds, wireless headphones for computers, or wireless headsets for computers. A wireless headphones is nothing but a wireless headphone transmitter receiver.

A wireless headphone transmitter receiver consists of a transmitter to function as the sender of the audio from the source and a receiver that receives voice which can then be heard through a headphone. The price of a wireless headphone range $ 20 - $ 400 with different shapes and different qualities. For a wireless headphone with the best quality, you can select a digital wireless headphones like Sennheiser RS 170, which has features Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound.

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When faced with a decision to choose a best wireless headphones, I think you will not be settled on one if they do not limit it to basic uses of wireless headphones themselves. The development of wireless technology and audio is very fast, could be on a wireless headphone that features the perfect clarity of sound, such as noise canceling wireless headphones. However, here we have yet to discuss this further just want to know the basic functions of a wireless headphone transmitter receiver circuit.

As has already mentioned above that in a wireless headphone consisted of a transmitter and a receiver. We do not speak the audio quality is generated in the receiver (headphone), just to give you a picture to the hobby of electronics to know fundamentally about the wireless headphone transmitter receiver.

Wireless Headphones Transmitter

The quality of reception of the wireless headphone transmitter is approximately 2 meters. Oscillator frequency is in the AM band (SW1) is 1750 KHz-3500 kHz using ferrite rod antenna. Audio signal is received and amplified through a preamplifier IC 741 and the buffer by TC1 Transistor BD241. Signal D1 serves as an oscillator voltage stabilizer which is a modulated audio transmitter which are AM (Amplitude Modulation). The supply voltage used between 12-18V with current consumption about 150mA.

Coil Specification

L1 is a toroidal core T50-2 with 80 turns, 0.2mm Ø. L2 requires a 10-20cm ferrite rod. L2a has three turns, 0.6mm Ø Coiled Ground at the end of L2b sandwiches has 30 turns, 0.5mm Ø.

Wireless Headphone Receiver

This wireless headphone receiver built using IC ZN415 to short wave receivers manufactured by Ferranti. Use of this IC is to ensure a quality reproduction that has an audio amplifier and the MA detector need only be supplied with a 1.5V battery voltage with a current consumption of 5mA.

To select the frequency of reception of the wireless headphone receiver, you need to adjust the trimmer C1 with a non-metal screw on the band SW1, with a frequency range of 1700 KHz-3400 KHz. Component L1 has 40 turns, 0.2 Ø Ø 20mm copper and ferrite.

Where to obtain the audio quality and signal reception is clear. You can use the Frequency Modulation (FM) on the wireless headphones, so you need to modify the wireless headphone transmitter receiver circuit is.


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